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Subject: Fantasy 1 by bare n tall
Date: 25 May 1996 22:12:34 GMT
Lines: 148
X-Newsreader: Microsoft Internet NewsFantasy 1 by bare ntallI shaved my entire body. Not a stitch of hair on my body (I even shave
all my hair around my penis). I was in the bathroom completely naked. I
put lotion all over my white body. I was completely bare and soft.I went out to my big black friend who I have known for years. I always
liked him but never told him that I was attracted to him. He is strong and
alot bigger then I am. I am 6'1 and weight 220. So you can see how much
bigger he is then I am. His name is Joe.I came out of the bathroom stark naked. Joe: man o man what are you doing?me: I know we have been friends for a short while...but Joe, since I have
met you.. I like you. I am gay and not only that but I have transsexual
feelings. I want to be so feminine, passive, and bare for you.Joe: I didn't know you felt that way. I am not gay but from the looks of
your body...I'll do you. What do you want to do first?me: anything you want. The only thing I ask of you is to put me in my
place. Make me fear you. I have feared you because you are so big and
strong and I could never take you. You could hurt me...I want to be
submissive to you..Joe: come here....I then played the game with himme: noooo I am afraid of youI back up towards the wall and he came towards meme: pleaseeee... I am naked, bare, and weak...please let me gooo....I beg
you, beg you pleaseeeJoe looked into my eyes and lunged forward and put me on top of a chair
against the corner. He cupped my ass with his big black bbs lolita ukrainian nymphets hands. He spread
my cheeks apart. Joe heard me breathing hard and he knew I was turned onJoe: Relax I won't hurt you....Joe had me cornered on the chair bent back with my white bare legs held
back with his strong black arms. He took out his big black penis which was
already hard.Joe: now relax this is gonna feel but Joeee you need to put on a rubber..He ignored me and I felt the tip of his penis at the opening of my anus.
He started to push his cock into my OHHH MY GOSHHHHHHAs soon as one minute passed Joe was shoving his penis in and out of my
rectum really fast. My white bare legs were flying in the air as I felt
AAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAA OOOOOOO AAAAAAAA AAAAA YESSSSSSJoe then picked me up and layed me on the dining room table. He climbed on
top of me and I was laying there he took of the rest of his clothes. lolita rape tgp chill He
is so big and black. He climbed on top of me and layed right on me. I
proceeded to rest my bare white legs on his buttocks. He pushed his cock
into my rectum again and I locked my ankles behind his OOO YEAAAA JOEEE yesssssssssssss, aaaaaaaa do meeeeeeee
pleaseeeeeeeee aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa AAAAAAAA Aaaaaaaaaa aaa ooooooooo uoooooo
aaaaaa yessssssss JOEEEEEE Aaaaaaa your soooooo deeppppppJoe: Oh yeaa Now feel this....Joe rammed me really hard as I felt his whole black ooooooooo IIIIIIIIIIII LOVe youuuuuuuuuu eeeeeee aaaaaaaaa oooooooooooHe then moved his lips to my lips and was kissing me. He was french
kissing me. I felt his tongue down into my throat as I felt his large hand
behind my head pushing me onto his black lips. He then started to kiss my
neck and face. He proceeded to suck my neck while he was in my Oooo yeaaaa suck my neck..Joe was sucking my neck in the same place for five minutes. Joe was
starting to groan and I knew he was going to cum JOEEE aaaaaaaaa joeaaaaaaaaaaaa joe aaaaaaa yourrrrrrrr aaaaaaa
gettinggggggggg readyyyyyyy aaaaaaa to CUMMMMMMMMJoe let out a yell and shot his wad into my JOEEEEE aaaaaaaaaaa your aaaaaaa cummingggggg aaaaaaa so much
ooooooooooWe both layed there exhaused. We layed and rested for non nude lolita archive ten minute then we
started to french kiss again. We were getting hot and heavy again. He
proceeded to suck my neck again in one place. I didn't care I would let
him do anything he wanted. I wanted to please him sooo much. We went into
the bedroom. For two hours Joe made love to me in my butt. I swallowed his
cum and he sucked me.Later I lolita top 100 xxx got up because joe fell asleep. I put on some shorts and a
t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I noticed
the highly conspicuous hickeys on my neck. I then went into the kitchen to
make us something to eat. A few minutes later Joe came in. Sure enough he
stripped me and made me squat doggie style on the kitchen lolita top 100 xxx
counter while my
bare feet hung over the kitchen counter. Joe had banged my in my butt
about five to six times that day.The next day Joe and I were having Joe I had a very good time with you. Why don't you stay around for a
few days.Joe: Well I guess since you have been I would do anything you please. By the way, do you have any friends?Joe: I have alot of friends why?me: well why don't you invite some of your friends over...we could
experiment alittle.Joe: Ok maybe this week.Joe stayed with me the whole week and we made non stop loving. My rectum
was so sore.Joe and I decided to go out somewhere. I decided to look so feminine for
him. I put on some white flannel shorts (no underwear), some brown clogs,
and a pink t-shirt. Joe was wearing blue jeans, white tank top and cowboy
boots. Joe was waiting in the car for me while I was putting on some
makeup.Joe honked the horn.Joe: Hey COME ONme: ok ok I am coming..Joe took me driving to lake pleasant. (This fantasy will continue...i)
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